Press Release Development

Press Release are used to announce significant changes, improvements, or updates within a business or practice. Your target audience is the consumer base of followers as well as any potential businesses you want to impact with that announcement.

Using the same principle as we use for Newsletters, Press Release should be inspiring, informative, and provide a reason to act.

When writing a Press Release the question we get asked most often is what are the types of things that we should be used in a Press Release?

1. Announcement of a new website design
2. Announcement of a new service or procedure
3. Announcement of a key staff member addition or change
4. Announcement of a new location or addition
5. Announcement of a new designation or license

Press Release are designed to give credibility to your business and or medical practice. We do not recommend using them frequently as this is why you have a newsletter in place. Press Release are only designed for new or dramatic updates that are designed to create peak interest and action from business or consumers.

You can also list them in archive within the frame of your website for additional content.

Social Media Solutions for Doctors can help you write a captivating attention grabbing announcement that will drive leads and influence your prospects to give you a second look. Let us help you!

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