Reputation Management

In today’s world of information sharing, what you say and what you do online can and does affect your real reputation.

In the medical community where fee for service practices live or die. It is critical to have a good reputation in order to attract and keep new patients.

There are many tools for reputation management, but the tool that cost the least amount of money and which a doctor and his/her staff have the most control over, is to provide the best care and the best customer service in the patient experience.

Using words like Please and Thank You, being on time for patient appointments so patients aren’t left waiting for twenty minutes or longer, keeping a positive and happy work place environment , as well as dealing with patient complaints after an initial service, treatment, or procedure has been completed. Each of these help to build a great reputation but also, great word of mouth.

We often find that when patients aren’t happy after a recommended or selected treatment or procedure, the practice that promptly addresses their concern or issue will typically have the best online reviews and reputation throughout the internet.

And for those who don’t do proactively deal with patient complaints, well they are the ones whose online reputation is bad and will have empty seats in their office and will be down in practice income. By the way, if your a fee for service practice. No one pays out of pocket and expects to wait for twenty minutes. Remember, that patient could have gone to anyone.

It really comes down to treating patients and people how you want to be treated.

There is no cost to being kind or polite but the benefits for your practice reputation is immeasurable.

At Social Media Solutions For Doctors, we use a priority system to check your reputation and than develop a plan action to help you raise and improve your online reputation.

This in turn can and does help grow your patient volumes and practice income.

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Reputation Marketing Services


  • Import top listings so they can be monitored and tracked
  • Create and claim accounts on best industry-specific directories
  • Create a private review page to capture reviews
  • Brand private review page with company colors, logos and reviews


  • Monitor top listings for reviews
  • Stream and filter all 5-star reviews on website
  • Create custom review images of 5 star reviews
  • Syndicate custom review images to social networks

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Make sure all of your online and social media listings for your business and practice address are accurate for new customers to find you.

Why is this important, you ask?

You could be losing five to ten new patient request per month without this service!

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