The Employee Review Process

The 30 Day Review
The new employee is given their orientation, job description, benefits package and work schedule confirmation. Additionally they are also meeting their peers, getting up to speed with process and procedures as well as seeing if they are a good fit for their new role in the practice. Your observation of them throughout this process is critical.
The 90 Day Review
This can be used to see if the staff member has met or exceeded their job description. If so a slight raise may be in order, but bear in mind that it should only be a percentage of what would be given for an annual review. If further improvement is needed, then the next opportunity would be the six month review.

The 6 Month Review
The purpose of this review is to ensure that the new employee is staying on track and to bring up any issues on both sides. You can also use this opportunity to offer as an incentive, usually a percentage of the raise due for the year
The Annual Review
This is the time to give commendation, say thank you for a job well done and give the remainder of of the scheduled wage increase for the year. Apart from as a reward for a job well done, a raise is your way of saying not only thank you, but to indicate that you value their service and would like to keep them.

So in conclusion, while on the surface it may seem that your staff is replaceable. The truth is it takes both time and money to replace the knowledge and experience of a tenured staff member. It also slows down future growth plans and sustained growth in other team members because they get saddled with picking up the workload for a missing or new hire trainee. Which reduces productivity gains from their job responsibilities and continuity within the practice.

Profitability and sustainability of your practice is a team effort and you are the Team Leader, so be flexible, be their coach, cheer them on when they treat both their internal and external customers well.

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As a group you spend more than forty hours per week together. Make it time well spent for one another. Make your practice elite and successful by being the place that most people want to work. It will definitely show in your bottom line and peace of mind.

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